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As a company of manufacturing, we are mindful of both the environmental and social impact we have as a business. We have a vision for a sustainable future for both people and our planet.

Sustainability and waste minimisation are at the core of our practices as a whole. Upcycling our material offcuts, we have developed a side brand ‘komfy décor’ that utilises the by product of our upholstery production to create décor items such as ottomans and bean bags.

The foam used in our production of projects is GECA Certified – Under GECA Certification, products and services are certified against minimum environmental performance criteria across its life cycle to ensure that certified products deliver better environmental outcomes. GECA standards are both scientific and rigorous. They are designed to acknowledge top performing products and are internationally recognised through membership of the Global Ecolabelling Network.

Furthermore, our foam offcuts are shredded to create ‘crumb foam’ for filling our ‘komfy’ beanbags and footrests.

Our ability to use fabric, leathers and vinyl’s from any of the textile’s companies, allows for conscious design and specification of fabrics that are of a sustainable nature.

Our leather offcuts are made available to the community and often used in school craft projects, as well as community and personal crafts.

As a socially responsible company we uphold ethical employment practices, paying above award wages, and offer extensive training and development opportunities for both business and personal occasions.