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Banquette seating & Booth seating

We fabricate seating for various spaces including cafes, restaurants, hotels, clubs, corporate offices, schools, universities, theatres, health & aged care, conference facilities, reception areas and personal meeting places

Leather/fabric/vinyl finishes

With access to suppliers worldwide we can offer endless choices of leather, fabric and vinyl coverings. Not all types of fabric suit every situation so with our extensive experience we can advise you as to what finish will give you the best result. We also offer treatment for fire ratings, stain repellents and sanitization to comply with current Australian Standard requirements.

Foam and padding materials

Using our broad product knowledge from years of experience in the industry, you can be confident of our recommendations as to density & resilience of foam filling. There are options that include foams with fire retardants & memory factors. Other stuffing materials such as dacron, feather, down and specified combination fillings are available.

Upholstered wall panels

There are currently all kinds of options used including direct stick, split batten, clip and other fixing applications to provide you with decorative wall finishes. We have been involved with many different surface finishes including leather, synthetics, acrylics, polyesters and PVC’s just to name a few. These wall panels can be constructed to provide insulation and acoustic properties when required.


We have produced numerous different shapes and sizes in the past… we invite you to provide your own innovative ideas for our team to manufacture.

Decorative cushions

Fit outs can be augmented with scatter or throw cushions trimmed with piping, flanged cord, ruche or other decorative ideas.

Product Guarantee

As Australia’s leading architectural upholstery manufacturer, Improvision Design prides itself on our craftsmanship and reputation. All of our products are designed and manufactured fit-for-purpose. This means that we guarantee our customers the very best in quality, durability and visual appeal.

We source the highest quality materials to suit each projects budget and our manufacturing processes ensure our projects are completed on time and within budget.

That’s Improvision Design’s commitment to excellent customer service and our guarantee to our customers.