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Initially established in the 1960’s, we began with the restoration of antique furniture including French polishing, cabinet works and upholstery.

In the early 1980’s we extended the upholstery projects to include all modern furniture and car trimming.

In 2007 we consolidated our commercial projects under a new identity, concentrating on individually designed and custom built seating and panelling.

The business is currently family oriented and we insist on a high standard of quality control and purpose of operation. The driving culture is one of integrity and continuous improvement.

The Improvision Design Team have extensive understanding of the ergonomics of seating, fabrics choices, foam, and filling materials to provide you with the best option to suit your needs. Whether it’s a cosy booth arrangement, decorative curves, or straight sections of banquette – you can rest assured that we can provide your answer.

With no project too large or too small and extensive freight options, we complete and deliver works Australia wide.

Our Head Office/factory warehouse of approximately 2000sqm is located at 18 Bradwardine Rd Bathurst NSW 2795.